calzona meme: kisses [7/8]

“Could you um… massage my leg again?” - Idle Hands // 9x18

I still can’t get over what they did here.. I mean one minute, the network doesn’t seem to want to let them touch one another, the next they are implying finger banging. Love how they act it out with facial expressions. I’m sure JCap and Sara could teach acting classes based on just facial expressions alone with what they’ve learned from taking on these roles in Grey’s Anatomy.  I often thought about how a sex scene would look between them.  One that was not made from giggles and smiles and hints.  A serious sex scene, that the writers have yet to accomplish.  Yes, I use the word accomplish because it’s something that needs to be accomplished, not just thrown together.  Me personally, I don’t even need to see an act of love making that is extreme.  I could be happy with the after scenes, where they are just cuddling in bed, and talking to one another.   I find those scenes more meaningful for some reason.

Completely agree. If the writers gave them a sex scene or something like that, they would rock it for sure. But I think the network and the ladies are hesitant to do that, for reasons that I’m not sure. But this scene was pretty great in terms of implying sex, and I think Sara and JCap rocked it. I just wish we could see a serious scene with them that’s sexual without giggles, ya know? 

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[SNEAK PEEK #1] GREY’S ANATOMY  11x01 - “ I Must Have Lost It On The Wind ”  

CALZONA they’re working on a case together! That’s exciting

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the only grey’s future headcanon that matters = seventeen year old sofia torres sobbing over her very first broken heart into her mother’s embrace, whispering into her neck, “mom, i don’t know what i’m supposed to do”, before callie kisses her baby girl on the forehead, pulls back, looks her straight in the eyes and says “honey, you walk tall”

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